1. Video Game Awards Only - The Video Game includes Console games,
PC games, Handheld games, and Indie games, but not Mac games, Kids games, Free games, etc.

a. A game must be an original title but includes an expansion pack.

b. A remade version of the game is included from 2019 onwards.

2. Professional Awards Only - The Media include Sites, Magazines, Newspapers, Publications, Broadcastings, but not Blogs have a staff of one.

a. Journalists that belong to the Media must be professional.

b. A website must have it's own domain name.

c. A personal site like the one-man blog is not included.

d. A user community site that consists of bulletin boards alone, is not included.

e. Exceptions to clause 'd' are as follows;

* NeoGAF - a video game industry discussion community.

* GameFAQs - a site that helps people either defeat a game, become more skilled at it, or provides information about it.

f. A forum poll shall be regarded as GOTY Awards provided the results are officially announced on behalf of the media. But in principle at least, that is not included.

g. A student-operated newspaper is not included.

3. All-Format GOTY Awards Only - But a single GOTY pick must be a single title, except for a tie.

a. A tie is the result in competitions where there is either no winner or multiple winners, so it means multiple titles selected by agreement of all editors in the media.

b. Awards include rankings of games like best games of the year.

4. Additional standards for judgment about the websites. (added)

a. If only one of these below is applicable, they will be excluded.

* The small number of reviews in a calendar year as a measure of video gaming 

* The small number of game articles in a calendar year as a measure of all other 

* The launch date for the website. This is for excluding short-term websites.

* The low activity of the community. This is for excluding some readers' polls that
have a very low voter turnout.

b. Websites that have their own traditional media (such as newspapers, print
magazines, TV channels, etc.) are included without qualification.


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